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R4 Doesn't Just Help

Rehabilitation, Reform and Reentry Resources, Inc. (R4) was established in February 2018 by Dr. Robin J. Bell and Co-Founder, Terry Bell. The team has over two decades of experience and extensive research with offenders and well aware of the resources needed for Returning Citizens.

Support Group


Giving Second Chances

This organization was founded to assist with changing the culture of incarceration. The racial and socioeconomic disparities, attached with a commonly dehumanizing experience in prison, have also driven a national movement to "reform" criminal justice laws.

2.2 Million

are incarcerated in the United States.

Over 600,000

returning citizens come back to our communities each year.

1 of 3

individuals who experience homelessness, have been incarcerated.


Second Look Amendment

The Second Look Amendment Act of 2019 was passed in April 2021, and was set to release inmates who had served over 15 years before the age of 25.

This Act is an expansion of the Incarceration Reduction Amendment Act (IRAA). In order to reduce recidivism, it is imperative that this population is afforded the opportunity to live productive lives and become law-abiding citizens if that is their choice.

R4 Offers That Chance.

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Founder & President

Dr. Robin J. Bell

Dr. Robin J. Bell is Retired Army, a Published Author, Consultant, Certified Inside Out Facilitator, Certified Mediator and Public Speaker.  Robin is known for her easy, but effective demeanor.


While serving in the military, then MSG Bell, traveled the world facilitating classes on treating others with dignity and respect to Senior Executives, Civilians, and Soldiers. Dr. Bell has volunteered at the Alexandria Detention Center, DC Department of Corrections, as well as the DC Court of Appeals, where she serves as a Public Member on the Board of Professional Responsibility. Robin is also a Reentry Council Member of the Alexandria Probation and Parole Office.

Board of Directors

Terry Bell- Co Founder

           Keith Prather-Vice Chair

    Tina Butler, Board Member

   Qiuan Younger, Board Member

Honorary Board Advisor

Mr. Tim Mercer
Business Executive

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We are always looking for companies to help provide services to those


Become a Volunteer

Take initiate to become a volunteer and help those people, who do not have any hope for good living.


Send Donation

Choose any medium either offline or online to send a donation to support people who who want another chance.

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