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Witness the power of second chances!

R4 has been hard at work assisting returning citizens and their families with becoming acclimated upon release.  

We help share stories.

R4 have experience working with inmates and children of incarcerated parents to help share their perspective through book publishing. 

100% of book proceeds goes toward our cause

Until We Are Together Again

Until We Are Together Again

by Mahiyah & Cabren Hall (Authors), Dr. Robin J. Bell (Co-Author), & Annie Penland (Illustrator)

In the Spring of 2018, Mahiya and Cabren's mother was incarcerated. The stigma that a child carries when their parent is incarcerated, is far too much for any child to deal with. I believe this journal will make Mahiya and Cabren stronger young ladies. As one of them stated; “With family and God, all things are possible!"

False Start-Race to Prison: "My Mom Set

False Start-Race to Prison: "My Mom Set Me Up"

By Dr. Robin J Bell & Terry Bell (Authors)

There are more black men in prison today than were enslaved in the 1850s. Would that be the case if women would stop creating babies by men whom they do not have a committed relationship? I say no. These little black babies are born with
a False Start and a Race to Prison, "Because Their Moms' Set Them Up!"

Ghetto P.I.E.S.: The Life of Mr. L.D. Mo

Ghetto P.I.E.S.: The Life of Mr. L.D. Mosley

by Mr. Larry D. Mosley (Author), Dr. Robin J. Bell, Kamaryn G. Younger, & Kandace A. Younger (Editors)

I am a 66-year-old black man, who still has dreams to fulfill. Dreams of happiness with all the standard attachments; home, wife, family, acceptable social life, career, college education, money, and real friends. Of course, life got in the way. Instead of dealing with life on life’s terms, I lost my way to fulfilling my dreams. I was made fully aware that I would not get a second chance to live my life. 

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