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R4 provided backpacks, toys, and clothes to the children of Gretna Elementary School who are impacted by incarceration

R4 Vision

The vision of R4 is to change lives.


R4’s Vison is to change the lives of adult offenders, both male and female, who want another chance at becoming productive law-abiding citizens. We work to ensure they become and stay both physically and mentally healthy. This population is often  considered the Lost, the Last and the Least desirable. is to assist them with getting and staying both

Dr. Bell and Co-Founder, Terry Bell are well aware of the resources needed for Returning Citizens. They have done extensive work with this population for years. Most return to children, spouses and loved ones they left behind, but some have lost their social support systems and any genuine work they may have had. In too many cases Returning Citizens come home and are deeply in debt with legal and child support fees.


Successful re-entry begins behind bars. It starts when inmates choose to change their lives, learn basic skills, and begin to plan for a life on the outside. Upon release, this population needs effective programs that assist with positive social connections, employment, and housing. 



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Show Some Love by donating to a returning citizen who wants to become a productive law abiding citizen by giving to Rehabilitation, Reform & Reentry Resources, Inc.(R4) thru CFC.  Our designation Number is 65758

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This 60-second video of Reco Taylor’s story does

not even touch the surface of his life.  

His story goes far beyond the 18 years that he was incarcerated for a non-violent crime.  While incarcerated he was diagnosed with cancer and given 30 months to live. He was in hospice for 20 months with 130 other terminally ill inmates.  In 90 days, 127 out of the 130 inmates died! God brought him through and he has a story to tell! 



Rico Taylor
The Rico Taylor Story
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Services Provided

R4 works with other organizations, that has a vested interest in changing the culture of incarceration one Returning Citizen at a time.


We Got You Covered

•    Access to companies willing to hire Returning Citizens
•    Proper Government Identification for Employment
•    Educational Opportunities
•    Transportation Assistance
•    Food Assistance
•    Security deposits for Housing Assistance
•    Substance & Alcohol Abuse Treatment
•    Mental Health Assistance
•    Clothing
•    Tattoo Removal 
•    Legal Assistance
•    Assist Children of Incarcerated Parents
•    Transportation fees for family members to visit 
•    Life Skills Training

We work with
our Veterans who are returning citizens.

About 9 percent of Veterans and service members who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan have been arrested since returning home.

More than half of justice-involved Veterans have either mental health problems—namely PTSD, depression, or high anxiety—or substance-abuse disorders, most notably alcohol or cocaine addiction.


A large percentage of these Veterans are also homeless or at-risk for homelessness, and many others face such challenges as finding work and reintegrating into society. Plus, Veterans who collide with the criminal justice system may be at higher risk for suicide.

Working with Recidivates

We are here to help you share your stories.

R4 has experience working with inmates and children of incarcerated parents to help share their perspective through book publishing. 

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