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Change A Life 

Give Second Chances

Rehabilitation Begins On The Inside. The inside of prison walls and the inside the mind.

When Returning Citizens choose to change their lives, learn valuable skills, and begin to plan for a life on the outside, R4 is right there to guide them. Upon release, R4 provides positive social connections and the resources needed to become productive law abiding citizens. 

The Vision of R4 is to Change Lives.

R4 transforms the lives of those who were formally incarcerated, who want another chance at becoming productive law-abiding citizens. 

We work to ensure all returning citizens become and stay both physically and mentally healthy. This population is often considered the Lost, the Last and the Least desirable. Most return to children, spouses and loved ones they left behind, but some have lost their social support systems and any genuine work they may have had. We aim to give everyone the same support system.

Who Do We Help?

Formally Incarcerated


law-abiding citizens.

It is imperative that this population is afforded the opportunity to live productive lives and become law abiding citizens if that is their choice.

Children impacted by incarceration.

By adopting the Gretna Elementary school, where a portion of the children is impacted by incarceration.  

Veterans who are Returning Citizens.

A large percentage of these Veterans are also homeless or at-risk for homelessness, and many others face such challenges as finding work and reintegrating into society.

Help The Lost, the Last and the Least desirable.


Teaming Up With the D.C. Department of Corrections

R4 is working with the Washington, D.C. Department of Corrections to provide returning citizens with the basic necessities. With the passing of the Second Look Amendment Act, many returning citizens need resources that they didn't think have to look for. In response, we are helping returning citizens get a job, housing, insurance, etc. 

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Please Meet


R4's 2022 Scholarship Award Recipients!

First Place: Unique Savage

Second Place: Amaya Davis


Unique Savage and Amaya Davis are the winners of R4's, 2022 Essay Scholarship Award for college bound seniors who are impacted by incarceration. Both students attended Gretna High School in Gretna, VA.

Unique Savage will be attending Averette University in Danville, VA for the 2023 Fall Semester, where she will be majoring in Nursing.

Amaya Davis will be attending Old Dominion University in Virginia Beach, VA for the 2023 Fall Semester. Amaya wants to pursue Life Coaching.

Both students wrote amazing and impactful essays about how incarceration has shifted their perspectives on life. Congratulations to these two smart and resilient students who have such bright futures ahead of them!

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R4 provided over 50 children at Altavista Elementary School with coats, hats, and gloves so they can stay nice and warm this winter!!!



Meet: Marcus  & Warren 
Two returning citizens given another chance from the Second Look Amendment Act


While partnering with the D.C. Central Detention Facility, R4 has the opportunity to assist hundreds of returning citizens as they navigate reintegration. Marcus and Warren are returning citizens, who under the Second Look Amendment Act, were given an opportunity to receive assistance from R4 .


Marcus had been incarcerated for the majority of his life. He had given up hope of having a life outside of prison, but he was given that second chance! Rather than excitement, Marcus was very nervous. He had no family, no friends, and no plans. He feared that although rehabilitated, life on the streets would send him right back to prison. He was introduced to R4 through the D.C. Central Detention Facility and showed an honest passion for changing his life for the better.


In the past six months, Marcus has gotten an apartment, a full-time job, a car, and is currently enrolled in CDL training. He even adopted his new dog, Shotzi! Most importantly, Marcus has cultivated healthy relationships with people who genuinely want him to succeed. With the continued support of R4, Marcus is well on his way to achieving his dreams.


Warren had been incarcerated since he was a juvenile. When he was released, he knew exactly what he wanted to do, but he didn’t know where to start. He was also introduced to R4 through the D.C. Central Detention Facility. With our help and guidance, Warren was able to gain his footing right after release.


In the past six months, Warren has a full-time job, a car, an apartment, and a tremendous support system. He is even expecting a baby girl at the end of this year with his fiancée! 


Both of these men are happy, thriving, and have more hope than ever when looking towards the future!

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How can you help?

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Offer Services

We couldn't provide our services without assistance and resources from our community. 


Become a Volunteer

Take initiate to become a volunteer and help those people, who do not have any hope for good living.


Send Donation

Choose any medium either offline or online to send a donation to support people who who want another chance.

Show Some Love by donating to a returning citizen who wants to become a productive law-abiding citizen by giving to Rehabilitation, Reform & Reentry Resources, Inc.(R4) through CFC.

Our Designation Number is 65758

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